Therma insulation fast rolling door

The food cold storage buffer is between the food freezing and refrigerating area and the warehouse buffer zone. And there is a significant temperature difference. The internal and external temperature is isolated by the buffer zone to ensure the low temperature inside the food cold storage. The therma insulation fast rolling door between the two areas. Not only needs to isolate the internal and external temperature. But also to ensure that the internal environment is clean, dust-proof and insect-proof. To meet these requirements, a therma insulation fast rolling door designed for the food cold storage buffer zone was found.

Therma insulation fast rolling door

Advantages of Thermal Insulation Fast Rolling Door in Food Cold Storage Buffer

Thermal Insulation

The thermal insulation fast rolling door specially used for cold storage is mainly made of servo system and multi-layer composite thickened door curtain. The role of the servo system is the fast switching speed, which can well solve the loss of cold air in the cold chain. It fills with the multi-layer composite thickened door curtain thermal insulation materials. It can significantly reduce heat transfer, well protect the cold air from overflowing, and is durable and wear-resistant.


The built-in sealing structure of the track, the soft edge design at the bottom fits the ground to form a tight seal. It can prevent air convection, isolate the pollution in the air, and promote the heat preservation effect.


304 stainless steel frame and components, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean, more suitable for low-temperature cold storage environment. To effectively ensure the cleanliness of the internal environment, there are double-layer brushes on the inner side of the track, combined with a quick switch. That would be to prevent the pollution in the air from entering, and to prevent dust and insects.

Therma insulation fast rolling door

SEPPES has cooperated with NONGFU SPRING, BRIGHT DAIRY and other companies on thermal insulation rolling doors for many times. SEPPES is a supplier of the world’s top 500 companies. Also it provides after-sales service of “one door, one yard, lifelong service”.

The thermal insulation type fast rolling door is a function-enhanced fast rolling door product, which has significantly improved thermal insulation performance compared with ordinary high-speed doors, and is suitable for ordinary cold storage areas or special environments that require thermal insulation.

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