The high speed door series produced by SEPPES Door Industry has the function of clean and dust proof, airtight and isolation. Also calls it automatic door, pvc fast door, high-speed door, induction fast door, roller fast rolling door, etc., all of which are a class of products. Here, SEPPES will introduce to you the characteristics and specific product characteristics of the zipper-structure high speed door .

  1. Door structure: cold-rolled steel plate, the surface is treated by baking paint, and then electrostatic sprayed with imported plastic powder, the appearance is smooth and beautiful, reliable and durable, and the frame can be selected in a variety of colors. The thickness of the plate is 2.0mm. (The inner diameter of the track is specially designed to reduce the friction with the curtain under the condition of high wind pressure).
  2. Driving device: German BKJ motor, power supply 220-380V, power 0.75kw-1.5kw.
  3. Electronic control system: control box, imported integrated circuit board, value encoder control, high control accuracy, high performance, high reliability, high stability, high precision positioning and other characteristics. At the same time, the encoder pointer type limit control technology is used, with soft start and slow stop functions to ensure the smooth operation of the door and increase the service life.
  4. Opening and closing speed: 0.6-1.5m opening speed per second (adjustable), high frequency opening (1000-1500 times/day).
  5. Safety device:

There is an emergency stop button on the control panel. When an emergency occurs, press this button to stop the door immediately, and prohibit the controller from accepting new operating instructions until the emergency is removed. Reset the button.

high speed doorA pair of infrared photoelectric protection switches are installed at the bottom of the door frame, and the door will not fall when people and objects stay under the door block the photoelectric.

  1. Cord: use high-density coated pvc base fabric with a thickness of 0.9mm, colors: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, gray, white, yellow grid, white grid and other colors to choose from. Tear resistance: 280N/m, withstand pressure of 120N/㎡, thermal conductivity K=4Watt/㎡/℃; noise attenuation 25Bb; elongation rate 15mm/m. Use temperature -30–+70℃, fireproof grade (German standard DIN75200), base cloth is non-toxic, good surface self-cleaning; the bottom is equipped with a gas barrier cloth, which has good airtightness, no dust, and easy to clean. The material complies with DINEN12641-2 (Germany + Europe) standard.
  2. Welding: Adopting new high-frequency welding technology, fully automatic splicing and forming at one time, the surface is smooth, beautiful and firm, and will never be glued.
  3. Transparent window: Fully transparent PVC film is adopted as the overall horizontal transparent window, which increases safety and management convenience when passing by people and vehicles, with a thickness of 1.2-1.5mm.
  4. Sealing: The bottom of the curtain is equipped with an airbag bottom pocket, which can be tightly combined with various uneven ground. The guide rail has a built-in brush to prevent dust, insects, and seals.
  5. Anti-wind effect: Aluminum alloy wind-proof ribs are installed at the connection part of the curtain, which can increase the wind-proof effect and the function of replacing the curtain. Built-in windproof steel pipe, (diameter 1 inch, thickness 2.5mm) wind resistance effect: static level 10-11, motion state level 8-10.
  6. Control mode: Basic configuration: manual buttons on both sides, quick and convenient to use; according to the site conditions, customers can choose the following opening methods:

Remote control ,Drawstring ,Photoelectric ,Access control ,Radar ,Geomagnetic ,interlocking.

zipper-structure high speed door

SEPPES is a domestic high-end brand enterprise specializing in fast rolling doors. Its products sell well in domestic and foreign markets. It is a designated workshop door brand for foreign-funded enterprises, joint ventures, large state-owned enterprises and powerful private enterprises.

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