aluminum rigid high speed door

With the development of modern factories, many enterprises have very strict requirements on the factory gates. Chemical plants are places with strict safety requirements for electrical control. Factories and warehouses with highly flammable items such as volatile chemicals may have explosive environments. Therefore, the high-speed doors of chemical plants must not only be safe and explosion-proof, but also open quickly and operate frequently to meet the needs of forklifts for back and forth transportation. And ordinary fast rolling doors can’t keep up with the current pace of use. Therefore, chemical companies choose explosion-proof rigid high speed door to replace the factory gates to solve the explosive environment of chemical factories.

explosion-proof rigid high speed doorr
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Advantages of explosion-proof rigid high speed door

Safety of Explosion-proof Rigid High Speed Door

Anti-static explosion-proof, and safe. The electric control system of the hard fast rolling door has an explosion-proof function, which can meet the fire acceptance standards and ensure a safe internal production environment. Reduces the possibility that weak static sparks could cause rapid fires and violent explosions.


There are also rubber sealing strips around the door panel to isolate the workshop. It can prevent external dust, mosquitoes, etc. from polluting the internal environment, and reduce the pollution caused by air convection.

High efficiency

The hard fast door can be opened frequently, and the door can be opened within a few seconds. Induction methods such as geomagnetism, radar, and pull rope can also be added according to demand to meet the usual needs of forklifts entering and exiting, speed up the work rhythm, and improve production and transportation efficiency.

explosion-proof rigid high speed door

Explosion-proof rigid high speed doors are extremely suitable for environments where explosions may occur, such as medicine, high-precision aluminum alloy powder and other fine chemicals, chemical plants, and volatile drug laboratories. While improving work efficiency, it can also maintain a stable internal environment, saving enterprises a lot of energy loss due to air circulation. In order to achieve a safe, hygienic and energy-saving working environment, you can choose the professional brand SEPPES. The high-speed doors of SEPPES have a number of product core technologies and have passed the EU CE and international SGS certification.

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