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Textile production workshops have high requirements on the internal environment. The temperature and humidity in the air have a great impact on textile production, which can easily lead to thread ends and static electricity. The change of indoor temperature and humidity is mainly due to the poor sealing of the passage opening. It makes the indoor and outdoor air convective, resulting in drastic changes in the workshop environment. In the case of ensuring sealing, but also want to meet the frequent entry and exit of personnel and goods, you can choose to install PVC rapid roller door in the textile workshop.

 PVC rapid roller door

Advantages of PVC Rapid Roller Door in Textile Workshops

Excellent sealing of PVC Rapid Roller Door

The track of fast rolling door equip with a double-row brush sealing structure, which forms an airtight structure with the integrated door head sealing box. This structural design can more effectively isolate the internal environment. It can ensure the cleanliness and constant temperature and humidity of the textile workshop.

Quick partition

The high speed door adopts the servo intelligent control system, which can open frequently and quickly. The mixing rate of dust and pollution outside the workshop can be controlled to a minimum. That ensure the quality of textile production is not affected. At the same time, it meets the needs of frequent transportation, shortens the waiting time for people or goods to enter and exit. Then it improves work efficiency.

Nice appearance

The precision component door frame is sprayed with imported plastic powder, which is beautiful and durable. Improve the image of hardware equipment in the factory workshop of the enterprise, and help customers to inspect and other business work.

 PVC rapid roller door

PVC rapid roller doors are essential equipment for efficient operation of industrial plants. It is suitable for areas with frequent access, fast switching, and high internal cleanliness requirements. If you want to ensure the quality of fast doors, you can choose SEPPES, a brand specializing in industrial doors. All products have EU CE certificates and are suppliers to Fortune 500 companies such as IKEA and Logitech. High quality PVC rapid roller doors are the first choice for industrial doors to reduce energy consumption, maintain cleanlinessand and ensure the environment required for product production.

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