High speed metal roller shutter door

The birth of the intelligent three-dimensional garage solves the problem of few parking spaces and difficult parking in the city. In order to better manage the parking of the three-dimensional garage. The high speed metal roller shutter door is used to link with the vehicle identification system. The vehicle is automatically recognized when it enters, and the fast door is opened to enter, which is convenient for toll management after exiting. High speed metal roller shutter door is a new type of metal industrial door integrating heat preservation, energy saving, sealing, wind resistance and environmental protection. So it is very suitable for garages that need to enter and exit frequently.

High speed metal roller shutter door
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The benefits of high speed metal roller shutter door in intelligent three-dimensional garages

Quick open

The hard fast door adopts the servo intelligent control system, which can open frequently and quickly. It meets the needs of cars frequently entering and exiting the garage, and does not need to wait for a long time at the garage door, which improves the traffic efficiency. The quick opening and closing of the door panels also ensures that keep cold air out of the door body. Thereby maintaining the temperature of the garage.

Excellent wind resistance

The door panel is made of double-layer aluminum alloy, and the interior is filled with high-density foam material. It not only ensures the stable temperature of the garage, but also can resist 12-level wind. The super strong wind resistance ensures that the high-speed door will not be easily derailed, ensuring the safety of vehicles entering.

Linkage induction

The high speed metal roller shutter door link with the license plate recognition system, Bluetooth system, toll system, etc. According to the designation of the system, it can be lifted and lowered, and the parking lot does not need to be managed by special personnel. It can automatically identify the charges and enter and exit automatically. Not only improves efficiency, but also saves labor costs.

High speed metal roller shutter door

High speed spiral doors are suitable for places with high frequency of use such as garages, warehousing and logistics, printing industry, and heavy industry. In fact High speed spiral doors can save enterprises a lot of energy loss due to air circulation. And at the same time have good thermal insulation performance and fast opening and falling speeds. They are the first choice for the entrance and exit of intelligent three-dimensional garages. For high quality high speed spiral doors I recommend the SEPPES brand. SEPPES is a professional high-speed door company, which has always followed European industry standards for continuous technological innovation. It has a number of product core technologies and has passed the EU CE and international authoritative organization SGS certification.

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