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As a product widely used in various fields, high speed fast door is great concerned about its quality by businesses. As the first part to contact the external impact, the curtains’ quality is also paid attention. Especially in the factory workshop, high speed fast door is the most frequently used industrial door products. In this article, I will describe in detail the role of fast door curtain in the factory workshop.

high speed fast door

The Effect of High Quality Curtains on the Factory Workshop

Wear Proofing and Long Life Operation

The curtain of high speed fast door is usually made of 0.9mm thick PVC material, or optionally thickened 1.2mm, with transparent Windows in the middle. The curtain contains anti-fracture fibers, which are resistant to wear and tear. This flexible property prevents damage to the curtain during the operation of other equipment. The middle of the curtain equipped with anti-wind tendons, which can resist the wind of 5-6. It not only has the effect of wind resistance but also has a longer service life.

Dust Proof and Easy Maintenance

PVC curtain is selected of imported brands, with surface self-cleaning function. The curtain is equipped with transparent windows, and dust can be clearly seen. In this case, workers can directly wipe the dust off the door curtain and transparent windows. As a whole, door curtains are easy to clean and maintain, helping to keep the factory floor clean. The design of transparent Windows also increases security at work. Workers can see the production situation of workshop clearly through the transparent Windows. If workers encounter bad situation, we can respond in time.

Saving Energy

PVC door curtain light weight, during the curtain quick switch, it can reduce energy loss. This fast door is suitable for workshops with frequent traffic and can help enterprises save energy and reduce emission.

Easy disassembly 

The curtain of the high speed rolling door is removable. If the curtain is damaged in use, it can be removed directly and a new curtain can be installed.

high speed fast door
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High speed fast door design of PVC curtain, which is for safe and fast work and to help improve work efficiency.To find high quality fast door curtain, recommend you SEPPES industrial door brand. SEPPES has cooperated with more than 3200 factories and enterprises including Logitech, IKEA, Fresenius Kabi,etc, its products have EU CE certification and 15 million yuan insurance. High quality door curtains will make express doors stand out and become the preferred products of enterprises and factories.

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