cold storage high speed door

With the rapid development of the logistics industry, cold chain logistics has become an inseparable part of people’s lives. Cold chain logistics keeps food in the required low temperature environment to ensure the quality and safety of food and prevent contamination of the special supply chain system. To ensure the freshness of food throughout the process, and keep the temperature compliance during cold chain transportation, this is inseparable from the effective protection of the cold storage high speed door.

cold storage high speed door

Advantages of Cold Storage High Speed Door in Cold Chain Logistics Industry

Heat Insulation

The heat-insulating fast rolling door adopts high-quality thickened door curtain, and the interior fill with heat-insulating materials. Its thermal insulation performance is significantly improved. It can ensure that the internal cold air does not overflow and is not affected by the external temperature. Keep the food in the low temperature environment all the time to ensure the quality and safety of the food.

Hermetic Isolation

Zipper structure design and one-piece sealed door body, compared with conventional brush structure fast doors. The zipper structure can better seal, isolate dust, maintain the original temperature and cleanliness of the internal space of the cold chain warehouse. and avoid secondary pollution of cold storage food.

Automatic Repair

The unique guide rail zipper design can prevent accidental damage to the door curtain, and also improves the safety of anti-collision. Even in the event of curtain derailment, the self-healing system automatically guides the curtain back on the next operating cycle, making it extremely durable. And there is no need for manual repair, reducing labor costs.

cold storage high speed door

Cold storage high speed doors play a vital role in the cold chain logistics process. Cold storage high speed door is a product with better thermal insulation performance than ordinary thermal insulation fast doors. Excellent thermal insulation and zipper structure design are suitable for this special environment that requires high sealing and temperature. If you want high-quality heat-insulating fast rolling doors, you can find a professional industrial door brand – SEPPES. SEPPES products have EU CE certificates and excellent after-sales service. SEPPES has relevant project experience with Shanghai Pharmaceuticals and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

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