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Recently, another container sailed from Ningbo Port to Indianapolis Port. What product is on the container? What brand? Why did you choose this brand?

Seppes Door Industry is a manufacturing and trading with 10 years of experience. In China, Seppes always adheres to its own standard: “One door, one code, lifetime service” This is the primary factor for Indiana to choose us. A total of more than 1,800 companies have provided products and technical solutions. Exported to the Middle East, Europe, Australia, the United States, Africa, Portugal and other countries and regions. At present, due to the impact of the epidemic, Seppes will do everything possible to solve the areas that cannot be exported to. 
High speed door is one of the most popular products of Seppes at home and abroad, and the main product of Seppes is PVC high speed door. There are also safety protection type high speed rolling door, zipper structure high speed door, thermal insulation high speed door, Hard high speed doors and wind-resistant stacked high speed doors.
Indiana is a state in the United States. The US Navy has many warships named Indiana. Although Indiana is the 38th largest state in the United States, it has a very diverse economy. Their main industries are steel, electrical equipment, transportation equipment, chemical products, food, electronics, oil and coal products, and mechanical equipment.   
Large electronic workshops generally have requirements for indoor temperature and humidity, dust level, static protection, and material storage. Electronic workshops with chemicals also have high requirements for the preservation of chemical components. Especially in some anti-static workbench areas, the floor materials usually prohibit the use of flammable materials such as cotton, linen, and wool. The above aspects that need to be paid attention to can be protected by installing PVC high speed doors in Seppes Door Industry Electronic Workshop.

Seppes PVC high speed door can be used as a clean workshop space for enterprises and provide protection for enterprises. The use of PVC high speed doors in electronic workshops has many advantages: quick open, safe and reliable, convenient access, can prevent outsiders from intruding, and block indoor and outdoor air convection. It is the first choice for energy saving and consumption reduction in industry. Multiple colors are available for you select. At the same time, it also has the functions of heat preservation, cold preservation, anti-collision, insect-proof, wind-proof, dust-proof, sound insulation, anti-odor, and lighting. It is widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, electronics, chemistry, textiles, logistics and other places.   

Seppes PVC high speed door material selection:   

1. The door curtain is made of PVC polyvinyl chloride coated wear-resistant base fabric, which contains anti-breaking fibers;   
2. The door track adopts 2.0mm thick cold-rolled steel plate baking paint;  
3. The maximum size is 5 meters long and 5 meters wide;   
4. The motor selects international famous brands;   
5. Omron brand infrared safety photoelectric protection is installed at the bottom of the door;   
6. ​​The surface of the hardware has been painted for protection.   
7. Configurable: Standard double-sided manual button, optional geomagnetism, radar, remote control, pull cord, wireless switch, Bluetooth, card access control, etc.

Exported PVC high speed door countries:                                                France (PVC high speed door);                                                                                Ireland (PVC high speed door);                                                                          Australia (PVC high speed door);                                                                        The United States (PVC high speed door);                                                               Israel (PVC high speeddoor), etc.

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